“The Dordogne Top Trip 2019” according to National Geographic

The National Geographic has announced it´s 28 top destinations for 2019. And The Dordogne is top destination Number 5!

The Dordogne beat the likes of New Zealand, Vietnam and French Polynesia amongst many other recommended destinations by the National Geographic.

Have you been yet? If not, keep on reading to find out why to visit the Dordogne in 2019!

Blog LA FORGE Project: La Dordogne is voted Top Trips in 2019 by National Geographic

Why you should visit The Dordogne according to National Geographic

WHY GO NOW: Live the fairy tale

Picture-book castles lead to romantic fantasies in the Dordogne, but the true charm of this region in southwestern France lies in the richness of its long cherished culture. Marking 100 years in 2019, the Félibrée is an annual celebration of all things Occitan, including food, music, dance, and a language that resembles French, Spanish, Italian, and Catalan. “We are very attached to our country and our differences, but at the same time we are a true land of welcome,” says Jean Bonnefon, a dedicated Occitanist. “The Félibrée is proof of this.” Although the Dordogne is extremely pastoral, you can’t exactly say it’s off the tourist map. Just try to find parking in Sarlat or rent a kayak on the Dordogne River on a summer day. And it’s hardly unsophisticated. There are nine Michelin-starred restaurants, a smattering of upscale hotels and golf courses, and 15 UNESCO World Heritage sites. But considering that France received 87 million visitors in 2017, the relative emptiness is by far the Dordogne’s most luxurious asset. [Read their full Dordogne review]

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