Our TOP 10 best Restaurants in Sarlat!

The Périgord Noir is most renowned for its prehistoric caves, chateaux and picturesque villages, but for many, the main attraction are it´s gastronomical delicacies.

Sarlat is a gastronomic stage, the region being famous for the likes of foie gras, walnuts and truffles.

If you are looking for a special meal out or a typical french bistrot, here are our Top 10 best Restaurants in Sarlat!

Blog LA FORGE Project: Top 10 best restaurants in Sarlat
La Couleuvrine restaurant in Sarlat

Our Top 5 best Restaurants in Sarlat

1. L´Adresse, 10 Rue Fénelon (number 2 on Trip Advisor).

+33 5 53 30 56 19

A great bistrot practically next to the apartment, It is considered one of the best in Sarlat.

2. Hotel Restaurant La Couleuvrine, 1 Place de la Bouquerie (number 8 on Trip Advisor).

+33 (0)5 53 59 27 80

A recommended restaurant just a few metres from the apartment with great food and a cosy atmosphere. It also offers a vegan menu.

3. Auberge La Ferme du Brusquand at Marquay (number 1 on Trip Advisor).

+33 (0)5 53 29 67 37

Authentic recipes served in a friendly and relaxed family atmosphere (prior booking is necessary in the high season). A lot of produce is from the farm which can be bought on site (whole foie gras, pates, confit, duck breast, gizzards …). and you can attend a free tour of the farm most days at 5pm with demonstration of gavage and free tasting session of their products. Not far out of Sarlat, you would need a car to get here!

4. Le Bistrot, 14 Place du Payrou (number 15 on Trip Advisor).

+33 5 53 28 28 40

This touristy little bistro is the best of the bunch on cafe-clad place du Peyrou. The menu’s heavy on Sarlat classics, especially walnuts, duck breast and finger-lickin’ pommes sarlardaises (potatoes cooked in duck).

5. Le Présidial, 6 rue de blanchisserie (number 8 on Trip Advisor).

+33 (0) 5 53 28 92 47

Taste local gastronomical delights in this XVI century building.

Blog LA FORGE Project: Top 10 best restaurants in Sarlat
Jardin d´Harmonie restaurant in Sarlat

The best of the rest

6. Le Bistro de l´Octroi, 111, avenue de Selves (number 12 on Trip Advisor).

+33 (0)5 53 30 83 40

They offer a variety of menus inspired by the products of the local market. Nice conservatory for the summer.

7. Le Quatre Saisons, 2 Côte de Toulouse (number 68 on Trip Advisor)

+33 5 53 29 48 59

A reliable local favourite, hidden in a beautiful stone house on a narrow alley leading uphill from rue de la République. The food is honest and unfussy, taking its cue from market ingredients and regional flavours.

8. Jardins d´Harmonie, (number 20 on Trip Advisor).

This elegant restaurant is tucked into a central stone townhouse with plate-glass windows overlooking a cobbled square. The seasonally changing menu is classic French with occasional fusion touches.

9. For the creme de la creme: Le Grand Bleu (1 Michelin Star), 43 Avenue de la Gare (number 11 on Trip Advisor).

+33 5 53 31 08 48

This eminent Michelin-starred restaurant run by chef Maxime Lebrun is renowned for its creative cuisine with elaborate menus making maximum use of luxury produce: truffles, lobster, turbot and scallops, with a wine …

10. The colourful weekly market

And finally, although not a restaurant, one of our favourite things to do is Sarlat is spending a Wednesday or Saturday morning strolling through the colourful weekly market picking out creamy goat´s cheese, organic vegetables, a freshly baked pain of levain and maybe some strawberries if they are in season….lunch couldn´t get any better than that!

So here you have our favourite Top 10 best restaurants in Sarlat! We´d love to hear from you in the comments below if you have any other good ones to add to this list or if you have been to any of these during a stay in Sarlat!

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